Kanuka Health Honey 250gm glass


This Blueskin Bay Kanuka honey comes from the Orokonui area of Blueskin Bay, Otago, New Zealand.

 Otago is known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery, magnificent landscapes, and unique wildlife.
New Zealand is known internationally for producing some of the world’s best honey.  Not only delicious in taste, but also renowned for its health-giving and healing properties.
Blueskin Bay Honey is a family owned company, passionate about its product from the hive to your shelf.


  • 80+ kanuka POLLEN COUNT High in antioxidants and antibacterial activity
  • Unlike other honeys, the product in this jar has not been creamed.  The honey comes to you as it was in the hive and may naturally crystallize over time.
  • Gently heat to soften.  Do not boil.
  • As Blueskin Bay Honey differs from season to season, each vintage is unique
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