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At Blueskin Bay Honey and Supply Co. we believe life is for pleasure with balance. We aim to supply food and beverages (often including honey), which meet the Blueskin Bay Standard, to help you achieve greater pleasure.








Dave Milne is the managing director of Blueskin Bay Honey Ltd. He was introduced to bees while farming cooperatively at Zephyr farm near Madison WI, USA. http://www.farmplate.com/local-food/community-supported-agriculture/zephyr-group-garden-stoughton-wi  http://www.csacoalition.org/all-farms/vegetables/zephyr-group-garden/   That was in 1999. He has been working with bees ever since.   He has also worked for commercial operator Strathdale Honey. http://www.strathdalehoney.com/   Dave currently works for Lincoln University as an apiculture assessor. http://www.telford.ac.nz/Courses-Onsite/Apiculture/ He is passionate about education and has a graduate diploma in secondary  education from the University of Otago.



Blueskin Bay Honey & Supply Co. 25 George Street, Port Chalmers. See map

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